5-mapb is a research chemical that is listed as an empathogen and entactogen chemical. Chemicals with this classification are in the family of psychoactive chemicals that are believed to produce similar effects as MDMA. Structurally speaking it is related to 5-apb. However, more research needs to be conducted in scientific and forensic laboratories to learn if the 5-mapb offers fewer side effects before it can be used in humans. The IUPAC name for 5-mapb is 1-(Benzofuran-5-yl)-N-methylpropan-2-amine and the CAS number is 1354631-77-8.

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5-mapb Metabolism and Toxicological Analysis

5-mapb Metabolism and Toxicological Analysis
5-mapb is a research chemical that has been stated to be entactogenic that is closely related to MDMA as well as similar effects. Due to its relationship in this manner, some countries have banned the chemical. The countries that have banned or placed restrictions on 5-mapb as compounds for research include Canada, China, and the United Kingdom has it under a temporary ban

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